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Created Thursday 09 November 2023

Premium Members can download file attachments located at the bottom of each article. Paid membership provides full access to the members-only area and extra perks; helps with further research and development of thundertronics.com projects.

To become a Premium Member, please choose from subscription plans on this page.

I am getting redirected to "Register to Download" page.
Registration is FREE, however, some content is available only to Premium members. Make sure that you are logged in using the same email address your a paid subscription email. If you want to use different email address, please send your request to support@thundertronics.com.

What if some file links are broken?
If you have any problems with downloading files, please contact us through Email. Premium members can also use Skype or WhatsApp provided on "Register to Download" page.

How to cancel Premium Membership?
If you are not logged in already, please log in first in order to access the cancellation page. Follow instructions provided at the bottom of this page.

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