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STM32 UART Library

Created Tuesday 14 November 2023


It's time to learn how to use STM32’s UART the right way. Everything you’ve seen before is garbage! Just trash it… We will create a serial library which is fast, reliable and can be easily reused in different projects. Multi-port, powered by HAL and compatible with any STM32 microcontroller series!

You can download latest version of STM32 UART Library from attachments:

  • PDF describing making of UART library, for those who want to understand how it's made
  • Loopback test program for Micorost Windows. It uses 0x01 0x02 and 0x03 commands to communicate with UART examples (STM32 port speed should be 921600bps)
  • Library itself. Just copy uart.h and uart.c to the same directory as main.c of your project

How To Use STM32 UART.pdf 4.13Mb
loopback-win32-v1_0.zip 301kb
stm32uart-v1_0.zip 12.6kb
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