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APDS9960 Pro

Created Saturday 11 November 2023


Supported gestures

  • Measures Speed and Angle of hand motion
  • Recognizes Rotary Knob / Airwheel gestures
  • Fine finger motion tracking


  • Gesture angle estimation (Full 360° range!)
  • Gesture speed estimation (mm/s)
  • Excellent tune-free performance
  • Extended proximity range up to 2 meters
  • Individual GPIO output for each gesture
  • Analog proximity and speed outputs
  • Multiple interfaces: I2C, USART and USB (Type-C)
  • Switch for 3.3v / 5v logic compatibility


Measures Speed and Angle of hand motion (not limited to 45°!) Recognizes Rotary Knob gestures. I2C interface to use with Arduino, STM32, Raspberry Pi and ESP8266. Can be used as input device when connected to PC through USB Type-C port - plug and play experience with no programming needed!

A professional grade gesture recognition module designed for ease-of-use, compatibility and perfect balance between high detection rate and the lowest rate of false positive detection. It can recognize linear gestures and rotary gestures, while providing estimated values of gesticulation speed and angle. Much easier to use than APDS9960 and PAJ7620U2 based generic sensor modules.

apds9960pro.pdf 599kb
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