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Modified LQFP pattern

Created Tuesday 18 October 2022

Download link:
.\Modified LQFP land pattern for solder bridging prevention.pdf


  1. Each second pin solder joint is hidden; no visual inspection inspection is possible
  2. Some pins may left unsoldered, especially if IC and/or soldering paste are stored for a long period of time (see image below)

Two pins are not soldered properly: solder not soaked under the pin and formed a solder ball instead.
LQFP-100, package opened for >1 week, 50% humidity
Solder paste MECHANIC XGZ40 Sn63Pb37 syringe stored at 25-35°C for 6 month

Possible solutions:

  1. Treat LQFP pads with flux pen before applying paste, so solder is soaked under the pin
  2. Soak LQFP chip in liquid flux before placement

Modified LQFP land pattern for solder bridging prevention.pdf 543kb
pasted_image.png 241kb
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